PLC Controllers

PLC Controllers (programmable logic controllers) are digital computers used as a substitute for relay logic systems for automation of electromechanical processes. Thanks to their adaptability, diversity and vast opportunities are used in many different industries and mechanical processes.

  • Machine control and production line monitoring
  • Various industrial processes
  • Lighting Control
  • Process control in heating cooling and ventilation (HVAC)
  • CCTV Control

Almost every machine that needs power needs plc control.

If your work involves any industrial process, and your are not using plc, you waste time and money.

Every industrial process and each machine controlled by plc  increases its efficiency, speed, power consumption and stable operation. Also you get more control over the process, far less costly maintenance, easy (software) change of any process without costly changes to timers, relays and no change in electrical circuits. These computers have the opportunity to register, display and record alarms, irregularities in the operation of machines and processes, and are able to prevent their failure.

In factory production when using PLC’s  you receive control over the machine and control the work of your employees.

Interklima team has experience in designing, programming, installation and maintenance of plc controllers in various industrial processes as well as complete automatic control of  cooling, heating and ventilation systems.

We offer fully documented software solutions tailored towards the needs of our customers as well as long-term maintenance.

At the same time we offer opportunities for changes and additions to the software development according to the customers business growth.

In our list of references you can see part of the accomplished projects.