In 2010 the Interklima team replaced the old automation solution from the boiler room in the British Embassy in Skopje.












Unitronics PLC model: V120-22-RA22
Unitronics expansion module: IO-PT4x
Software version: VisiLogic 2.0.1
Power supply: 24V DC

The programmable controller provides full control over the system for cooling and heating of the embassy.
It monitors and controls the operation of a chiller, two boilers, four stations, and management of PID motor valves.
Also provides a control and monitoring of all system temperatures. The values ​​of temperatures are obtained from the PT100 temperature probes.
The PLC software has a built-in anti-frieze protection system for heating.
It also provides a choice of operating time for all days of the week through the text display.
Module provides diagnostic alarms and display all the alarms via text messages on the screen. The system contains a database  and an option to view the last 40 alarms (alarm number, type, date and time of alarm, a possible reason for the alarm).


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