In 2010. we designed automatic control of compressor for the customer Airport St. Apostol Pavle Ohrid.

Unitronics PLC model: JZ10-11-R10

Software version: U90Ladder 6.1.8

Power supply: 24V DC

The  system has  two different modes of operation, cooling and heating. The choice of operating mode as well as other system parameters is through programmed HMI display. The regime change is done through the automatic control of four-way valve. The software provides multiple degrees of protection of the compressor at the airport. It provides protection from high and low pressure. Furthermore, the thermal protection is provided on the compressor and fan thermal protection. The PLC has a built-in anti-frieze protection of the heating system with programmed  defrost mode. Module provides diagnostic and display all the alarms via text messages on screen.

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