In 2009. we designed temperature controller for the client My Market Probistip.

Unitronics PLC model: JZ10-11-UN20

Software version: U90Ladder 6.1.8

Power supply: 24V DC

Full automation is provided for cooling and heating system of the supermarket. The programmable controller monitors and controls the operation of one chiller and one boiler. The  System has  two different modes of operation, cooling and heating. The choice of operating mode as well as other system parameters is through programmed HMI display. The choice of operating time for all days of the week is provided through text display. The current temperature in the facility is monitored and controled through the software. Temperature values ​​are obtained from PT100 temperature probe.

In order to provide protection of the system, the condition to start the boiler / chiller is supplied with a timedelay, controlled by the system.

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